Friday, July 22, 2011

Poetry circa 1990

Just to let you know that I did not just start writing...I've been writing my entire life.  I haven't written any poetry for a LONG time, and this is not my best.  But when I discovered it in an old file and read it, I realized it may have been my first glimpse of insight.  I just didn't now it yet.  A hint of something or somewhere unknown, mysterious.  I haven't changed one word from the original.  See what you think.  And no, I won't reveal how young I was in 1990.


Emptiness all around.
Here or there?
Pressureless, meaningless space.
Painless, dreamless sleep.
Sound, sight--everything white.
Cushioned, soft, pillowy.
Sinking below myself,
gliding above.
I am not me.
No one is now me.
I am nowhere.
Where is nowhere?
Emptiness all around.

T. Anderson, March 23, 1990

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Courtney said...

Love it. I've been finding some of my old poetry lately and it makes me giddy. It's fun to look back and see the evolution of your words. I know somewhere in the attic my childhood home hides my first short story, an almost-illegible first grade tale of my red-haired classmate's secret life as a leprechaun.