Thursday, August 18, 2011

Attention Nerds!

A social anomaly has crept into our lives while we weren’t looking and has overtaken without our permission.  Attention fellow Nerd Herd members:  there are imposters hiding among us.  Do not despair.  If you look closely, they’re easily detectable and can be drawn out of their hidey-holes with merely a Starbucks Skinny Latte or an irresistibly good sale on designer handbags.

I can feel you imposters looking over your shoulders as you read this.  Beware!  We authentic dorky geeks can spot you a mile away.  Your trendy thick-rimmed eyeglasses, perfectly mismatched wardrobes, and awkward pseudo-nerd-speak scream "FAKE!"

Admittedly, it is rather flattering to us, though.  We really don’t mind the complimentary homage you pay us die-hard geeksters.  But you’re making it a little difficult for us to strive for the ever-unreachable cool factor we’ve had dangling in front of us for so many years.  We’re left a little shaken, floundering in search of the next unattainable goal, but with a boosted ego and slightly pompous self-nerd-love.  

Finally!  The lines have been officially blurred.  NERDS are COOL!  What?  Yes, that’s right!  So go ahead, you jocks and studs and princesses—embrace your inner nerd!  One request, though:  try a little less hard.  You’re making us look bad.  Okay?

p.s.  All rock stars were once 'band geeks', you know.  Think about it.  Just saying…


Anonymous said...

This is so true!!! hahaha

T. Anderson said...

Glad I can make you laugh. :0)