Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Excerpt: sneak preview from MONAD 12.21.12 The Awakening of Stella Steinar

It was just before midnight and Petra was certain that her husband would be at MONAD, along with his wicked sidekick, Myra.  She knew they would be hiding in their secret lab, doing horrible, ugly things.  It was December 19th, the week before Christmas, and they would have lured some desperate creatures there who needed cash to buy toys for their kids or jewelry for their spouses.  Her blood boiled as she pulled through the gates at the security station.  She lowered the icy window and the cold air poured into the car.  The guards knew her and she easily slipped through when she flashed her designer smile.
She parked, flipped her fur-lined hood up over her head and hustled to the building.  She opened a door at a side entrance, using her own MONAD badge…how silly that Erling trusted her with one.  He was overly confident, as usual.  From memory, she quietly made her way through the halls.  She decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator.  She took off her shoes and silently descended three stories underground.  She peaked through the small glass pane in the door that connected the landing to the hallway.  A light from further down the corridor signaled that she was in the right place.  Her source had proved to be reliable.  It should be--she'd paid the agent enough for the information!
Retrieving the small handgun from her purse, she took a deep breath.  The years of target practice were about to pay off.  After setting her shoes and purse down on the bottom step, she gently opened the heavy steel door.  The well-greased hinges assisted in her stealthy advance.  Although her heart was pounding, she took her time.  No need to rush.  There was no room for error.  No mistakes.  She tiptoed toward the light at the end of the hallway; it came to a "T."  After peeking around the corner to the right, she rounded it, sticking close to the wall.  Each step was methodical and deliberate.  As she crept toward the lab, she tightened her grip on the gun and kept it steady out in front of her, waist high. 

            The frosted glass door hid the activities that took place behind it. Ignoring her own heartbeat and controlling her breath, Petra listened intently. She heard them talking, but couldn’t make out words, only voices. The heavy glass door muffled the sound. If she moved swiftly, she could save not only Stella, but she might be able to save these poor souls tonight as well. She counted backwards from ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. She was ready. Three. Two. One! With one hand, she flung her MONAD I.D. badge at the sensor. It beeped, but did not turn green. Red. She tried once more. Red. Panic began to set in. This lock must only be authorized for Erl and Myra. Shit! Why hadn’t she thought of that? Then she heard footsteps rush to the other side of the door. Someone was going to open it. She backed up and braced the gun out in front of her, pointing at the opening door.    ........

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