Saturday, August 11, 2012

Book 2 "Working" Prologue

Book 2/Part 3/Last 4 chapters to write.  I'm at the point where I feel it might be appropriate to leak the short working prologue for this book.  It might still change and I might regret doing this, but oh well...I can barely contain my excitement and I want to share it with my fans.  So, enjoy!


I have come to accept that nothing is ever as it seems.  The world is not so simple.  It has never been and it never will be.  Just when you think you’ve solved the riddle, you only find the opposite.  Certainty does not exist and fate is never absolute.  The only thing separating light from darkness is truth and even that is subjective.  There is only one truth I know.

I am Stella Nova.
Defendor of The One.

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