Friday, December 07, 2012

12.21.12 Two Week Countdown!

December 21, 2012 is only two short weeks away.  What will you be doing?  Have you thought about it?  Take my poll at the Facebook fan site.  If you don't see an answer that suits you, make one up!  Have fun with it!

Click the link here:  (and "like" my page for publishing updates if you haven't yet)

I would also like to mention that Book 1 in the Stella Steinar series will soon become a new edition.  The 12.21.12 edition will not be around much longer.  If you've got your own copy, keep it safe.  If you'd like a collector edition, go to my website (link is here on my blog) and order a signed copy or explore other ordering options.

A contract for Book 2 has been signed.  Stay tuned for timeline details regarding release date.  Thank you!

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