Wednesday, October 02, 2013

I am the Goddess of Light

...but it may not be exactly as glamorous as it sounds.

As the second book in the Stella Steinar series is releasing (author: me) and as I type this post, I'm feeling a teensy bit overwhelmed.  A total type A personality, well known for my superior ability to super-duper multi-task, I absolutely refuse to admit I've taken on too much.  Even now.  What I do instead is embrace the challenge and thrive on juggling tasks that may seem stressful to the average gal.

Now...if I were to add children into this equation I'd be totally screwed.  It might change my whole attitude about the situation.  I need to give props to the parents out there who manage to do anything outside of raising their kids and make it look easy.  But I don't have kids, only a dog-child, so let me get back to the point.

I used to call myself the Princess of Power, a name borrowed from one of my favorite tough chics,  She-Ra the warrior princess.  Well, I've given myself a new title: T., Goddess of Light.  I know...has a ring to it, right?  Sounds a little ethereal and 'Game of Thrones-ish'.  Could be why I love it so much (total G of T nerd, here).  But, it's not what you think.  Let me explain.

See, aside from working a full time regular gig job, and aside from writing, editing and promoting a new book, I've got my hands a tad full with another project.  A really big one.  I'm building a house.  Okay.  I know what you're thinking...'Oh, must be tough.  She's slaving over choosing cabinets and paint colours.  Boo hoo.  Poor thing (not)'.  Oh my dears, you are soooo mistaken.  And unless you've actually built a home from architectural concept through to the end, you will never comprehend how it consumes your life.  I haven't touched a piece of clay in over four months and as a dedicated amateur potter it's killing me.  I haven't made a single appearance at my book club and let's not even suggest the idea of reading a book.  I miss my friends!  I haven't had my hair cut in four months--come on!  Who has time to sit still that long?  I've resorted to self-snipping at home which sounds like a very bad idea but, hey! It gets rid of the really frizzy bits that show the most.  Sorry Rita.  Rita is my hairdresser and probably thinks I've abandoned her for another stylist.  Totally not the case.  My dog gives me sad eyes every time I rush him through a shortened walk only to breeze out the door to meet a contractor. Poor Chico!  My husband and I lay awake at night discussing roofing, siding, tools and budgets now instead of planning holidays or Sunday meals or whatever else we used to talk about (or do--ahem).  In fact, I'm beginning to forget what my life used to be like while I also wonder what's going on in the world outside of my little book/build bubble.  News?  What is that?

Breaking Bad was my only escape--60 minutes every week.  Even though I did sneak in book and house stuff during commercial breaks (yay for iPad).  But now that BB is finished forever (*sigh* Farewell Mr. White.  I freaking loved that show), I fear I may slip away from reality completely.  Okay.  I might be a bit dramatic here.

But when things seem bleak I remind myself: I am T., Goddess of Light!  I have the power to control electricity.  Now you're thinking, 'Okay, I get it.  She's really psyched up over her light fixtures.'  Um, stop right there. It's way more than just that.  I have POWER!  Real power.  Where do I want this light to be?  Do I want it moved an inch or two, this way, that way?  Perfect!  How bright do I want it to be?  Maybe I should add another light here.  Why not?  Heck, make it two, make it three.  Give me light, man!  But wait.  How will I control this light?  Where do I prefer to place the switch?  I can put it anywhere I please, ANYwhere I tell you!  And not just in one place.  Oh no, no sir.  I can control this light from multiple locations.  Single switches are for the powerless.  I need more switches!  I can turn any light in this house on or off from the cozy comfort of my bedside.  (I might be exaggerating again, but it sounds cool, right?). Who needs the Clapper when I have the power of LIGHT!?  On.  Off. Bright or dimmed low.  Dim a few or dim them all!  I merely think of controlling any given light  and it is done.  The power is at my fingertips.  I say "light" and there is light.

*slowly return to the present moment...slowly, now*

I'm an electrician's daughter.  So I know things.  I know what's possible and impossible while wiring a home.  My electrician loves me (or hates me?).  I create work where work should not exist.  Yes, I feel a little guilty about it.  A little.  Being the Goddess of Light is a thankless job.

Oh, did I mention that Volume 2 in the Stella Steinar series, Stella Nova: Defender of the One, has just released?  Please excuse the tangents.  This is how my mind works.  You can find my book(s) at the following links.  Please contact me for questions, comments, interviews, whatever.  I'll make time for you.  You may, however, be asked to visit my job site and wear a hard hat and steel toed boots.